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G4 & segmention faults

Could this be part of the problem?  This G4 was one of the very first
made without an AGP slot and we located this.  I don't know if maybe
this could be in relation or not seeing that MacOS seems to run fine now
but figured I would ask.


During testing, Apple has discovered a potential problem which may cause
data corruption or system crashes in certain situations on Power Mac G4
(PCI Graphics) systems. The Power Mac G4 ROM 1.8.1 Update includes fixes
for the following:

- Data or file corruption with Virtual Memory on
- Photoshop crash when Extensis Photo Tools is installed

The machine used to crash all the time with MacOS 8.6 but now that MacOS
9 has been installed it runs without any problems ( well as well as
MacOS is going to run on it ).  Thanks again for the help.

			Jason Mesker
        	    Internet Tool & Die
		    System/Network Admin

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