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Re: PPC on a G4

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000, David Brown <debian-powerpc@davidb.org> wrote:

>> I tried installing potato on a G4 processor for a friend and had tons of
>> trouble with segmentation faults.  I had the system up and running fine
>> then all of a sudden files started corrupting such as gzip, tar, etc.  I
>> ran gzip and it would only give trash.  I also installed this multiple
>> times with differant results each time but always resulting in file
>> corruption.  The last time I installed it the install process died
>> premature during the package installation and dropped straight out to a
>> login prompt before dpkg configured all the installed packages.  When
>> trying to login it complained of a bash problem.  Are there any issues
>> with running this on a G4?  I have ran it on a G3 without much of a
>> problem but with this G4 it's not even usable.  Thanks in advnace.
>I'm typing this message from a G4 running Debian.  Which kernel are you
>I guess another question would be: does that machine correctly run another
>operating system (such as MacOS)?  The behavior looks a lot like bad
>memory, or some kind of bus problem.  Might also be a hard disk problem.

I see two other possible problems:

 - You may be using BootX instead of yaboot. This makes the kernel
unreliable on
recent machines

 - The gmac driver may, under certain circumstances, corrupt things in
memory. A new
driver fixing all known problems exist, it's not yet broadly available,
but it is
in my rsync tree that you can obtain with the following command

  mkdir benh_kernel
  cd benh_kernel
  rsync -arvz linuxcare.com.au::linux-pmac-benh .

I'll post precompiled kernels one of these days (I still need to cleanup
a few things, beware that this kernel contain experimental stuffs). This
version should show up soon in Paul Mackerras rsync tree
(linuxcare.com.au::linux-pmac-stable) soon.


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