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Finnish / swedish Xmodmap for powerbook (Pismo)


I did a finnish keymap with Xkeycaps, and want to share it. How could this
end up in the right packages by default? If you read this, and are the
maintainer of the relevant package, feel free to exploit this :)

This works for my Pismo with a finnish/swedish keyboard. I based it on the
German mklinux keyboard layout since the number of keys and the keycodes
seemed to match.


It is done partly by using a standard PC keyboard as a guide, since the Mac
keyboard does not have everything printed on it (like @) and I didnt yet go 
to MacOS to check how it works there - so this is
Better-Than-Nothing-Ware(tm) :)

	{ [ ] } are found under Alt-[7890] (like on a .FI PC keyboard)

	@ is found under Alt-2 and Alt-' (the lower key besides Return) - 
	this combines the Mac and PC layouts, both work.

	Asciitilde (~) is found in Alt-¨ (the other, upper key besides Return) 

	Pipe character is found at Alt-< (the key besides left shift).

	Backslash is at Alt-+.

Of course this makes sense only on a right keyboard.. For a photo of the
layout, see


Oh, and Alt (option) is Mode_Switch, Command (Apple) key is Alt_L. This
seems to work quite ok for me. If someone knows better how these should be,
patching the file is encouraged :) At least the accented characters work
now, and all the keys work as you expect by reading the symbols on the

I havent got around into looking at the key between space and right alt, it
	| ____ |
        |  /\  |

I wonder what that is? It generates keycode 60 and repeats. Might be
useful to define it to Compose or something.. I dont have that much Mac
experience that I dont know what key this is in MacOS.

Now I just hope I am not the only scandinavian user :)

If you improve this, let me know..



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