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Re: Mouse & Keyboard settings on Debian for PowerPC

Thomas Powell <tmpowell@yellowsub.net> writes:

> to get your keymap working, uncomment the lines under powermac in
> /etc/X11/XModmap and add "exec xmodmap /etc/X11/Xmodmap &" to your
> .xinitrc file. I emulate a three button mouse by passing
> "adb_buttons=103,55" to the kernel at boot (via quik or BootX) which
> uses the command key as button two and F11 as button three. You can
> modify these values to suit your needs. Note: This is using the FBDev
> xserver, XPmac is different, and can be changed on the command line, but
> I don't remember the particulars.
> Tom

Do I get you right: You're using the command key as your right button?
How, by holding it and klicking the mouse, or is the command key
always mapped to button 3 now?


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