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[Fwd: Mac-On-Linux - elf32_getehdr failed]

Kent West
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Adrian Rutledge wrote:
> and the problem with that is you put it in rom.nw, hence MacOL thinks its
> a NewWorld ROM, which seems to be a flavour of ELF.  (manually boot Classic
> MacOS from OF, and it'll say "Loading ELF..." real quick, on a NewWorld,
> or coloured machine.)  Anyway, you've got an OldWorld system, that ROM dump
> was an OldWorld ROM, so you need to hack the config files.
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Wow! Makin' progress. I editted the /etc/molrc file and set the
"newworld_boot:" option to "no", then renamed my
/usr/lib/mol/rom/rom.nw to rom.8500. Now when I do a "startmol" I
get a lot of activity, a typical Macintosh startup sound, and
then a black screen. However, this may be related to my inability
to start X from xdm, as I just remembered that I had to blindly
type at the console an "fbset 640x480-60" to overcome an "Out of
ScanRange" monitor message when switching to a text console. So
I'll try to fix my scan range problem, then try startmol again.

Thanks for the help. It looks like this might actually work
pretty soon. Cool!

Kent West

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