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getting past

Hi all

I managed to get into the installation program, partitioned a
2.0 Gb hard drive into 1.0 Gb of MacOS, 1.0 Gb of Linux native
and 51 Mb of swap. Now the Install Kernel and Modules part has
got me locked up. Even though rescue.bin is on the MacOS hard
drive partition in several places including the system folder,
and then also on an external SCSI Zip drive the program is unable
to find the file on any directory.  I downloaded it with Fetch
so it should be in its raw binary form, and the program is able
to find base2_2.tgz without a problem on the hard drive.  Anyone
know what gives?

For info purposes I'm trying to set up both MacOS and Linux on
a Powermac 5500/225 603e by using images downloaded off the ftp.us.debian.org
site (potato/current/powermac). I've got the linux kernel saved
as vmlinux in a Kernel Folder in the System Folder as well as
free in the System Folder itself.  I tried running through every
other step on the Installation process then rebooting but of
course it boots back into MacOS and when I click BootX to go
into Linux I'm back installing again.

Any help to get over the hump would be greatly appreciated.


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