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Re: Xpmac.deb

Chad Miller wrote:

> Why isn't there an Xpmac .deb, even in contrib or non-free?  It seems
> 'alien' might become a main+essential package, according to advice
> around here, wrt Xpmac.

If you can get your hands on the tarball, or just extract the files from an rpm,
you will notice that all it is, is the executable Xpmac and a soft link from
/etc/X11/X to Xpmac (and maybe a man page)...

As such I don't think a .deb is necessary.  Don't forget that the fbdev that
comes with XFree86 v4 is quite a bit faster than Xpmac for machines that are
supported (read: new), and I hear/hope that support for the rest of the ATI
family is on the way.

--Nelson Abramson

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