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stack overflow during install on iBook


 I'm just making the move to debian on all of my i386 machines that run 
 Linux, so I thought I'd take a stab on my iBook as well.  Here's what 
 I've done:

 Grab the files from the debian mirror, including BootX 1.2.2, ramdisk.image,
 etc.  Boot to the install via BootX (which works fine), and partition so 
 that I keep my existing HFS partition (~2GB) and add hda9 and hda10 as
 Linux and Linux Swap.  This all works great, and so I thought I was on 
 my way.

 Then I hit a kernel stack overflow that just snapped the machine off.  At
 first I thought it was networking code, because it was around the time it
 was trying to DHCP.  But the next time it died right after keyboard config,
 and once again during kernel messages on boot.  And once again while trying
 to manually configure networking from a prompt.  I should mention that I've
 seen the error as stack overflow, or NULL pointer assignment.

 Argh!  I can't keep the thing up and running long enough to enjoy it, or
 even begin to get the base system going.  I thought it might be kernel, so 
 I grabbed one of the precompiled "stable" kernels to give it a shot--same

 It's an out-of-the-box iBook with 64MB of ram on board, no expansion 
 module... Anybody else see this?  Any thoughts? 

 Thanks in advance.

Aaron Pierce
Psyberware Communications

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