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Re: stack overflow during install on iBook

Aaron Pierce wrote:
>  Hi,
>  I'm just making the move to debian on all of my i386 machines that run
>  Linux, so I thought I'd take a stab on my iBook as well.  Here's what
>  I've done:
>  Grab the files from the debian mirror, including BootX 1.2.2, ramdisk.image,
>  etc.  Boot to the install via BootX (which works fine), and partition so
>  that I keep my existing HFS partition (~2GB) and add hda9 and hda10 as
>  Linux and Linux Swap.  This all works great, and so I thought I was on
>  my way.
>  Then I hit a kernel stack overflow that just snapped the machine off.


I've had the same problem, trying to install Potato. But I have been
unable to see anything more precise than "Kernel panic", followd by my
iBook going down. Using LinuxPPC 2.2.15pre3 kernel ,I have been able to
install base system.


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