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Re: PPC booting

> I see you are having some success in booting linux on a mac, more than me
> anyway :-(

But so far, I can boot only in the installation. Not the system :-(

> My question, I have made the boot & root disks from the potato disks. I
> use the boot disk and I get a Mac with Tux icon followed by text boot
> messages, ending in booting... and the floppy is ejected.

So far, it is the output as I see.

I used


It seems that
is not needed.

> I put the root disk in and press return, it seems to read the floppy as it
> steps thru for a while then stops, doesn't eject the floppy.
> I'm using a StartMax 3000/200 (basically a Apple Mac 4400).
> I have also tried a LinuxPPC200 CD, which won't boot.
> And the NetBSD has errors during the install and hangs.
> I'm using OF 2.0.2

I do not know, which OF I have.

> Just need to know I'm booting corectly from the floppy as I can't even get
> to the installer. I'd rather be able to install from floppy as I don't
> have MacOS installed.

It seems to me, that you are doing the same as me. I could imagine, that some 
boot parameters for the kernel could help, but they can't given easily on the 
popermac discs.

I cc to debian-powerpc, since there might be the expert.

Would it be difficult to querry command line parameters like the i386 rescue 
disc does?



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