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Re: xserver-fbdev iMac : and mouse ?

Francois Sauterey wrote:

Hi from French,

Probably a reapeted question...

Comming from Debian/i386 machin, I 'm trying to install potato on an iMac...

I can't found any fonctional mouse with gpm, nor in xserer-fbdev.
what major/minor number for /dev/mouse (or /dev/usb0) ?
what protocol in gpm.conf, in XF86Config ?
My XF86Config is setup to use /dev/adbmouse for my PowerBook trackpad and /dev/usbmouse for the external usbmouse. You don't need a /dev/mouse necessarily but I have mine as a symbolic link to the default mouse which would be /dev/adbmouse on a PowerBook/iBook and /dev/usbmouse on an iMac.

BTW: I'm using XFree86 version 4.0b (the binaries that Michel Danzier posted to the list).

Brendan Simon.

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