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Newbie boot question for powerpc 9500

Hello everybody,

I am new to Linux on the powerPC architecture, but I have considerable
experience with Debian on i386. I thought installation should be more
or less the same as on i386, but I was wrong. It seems to be essentail
to know the mac to get started. I failed already in the first step:
booting with the Debian boot disk on a powermac 9500.

The system has a working MacOS (I think version 8) but I want to
replace it by Debian Linux. The manual says

"[The power macintoshes] can boot Linux either directly from Open
Firmware (via Quik), directly from the MacOS ROM (via miBoot), or from
within MacOS (via BootX)"

Since the powermac did not boot from the rescue disk (but ejected it!)
I downloaded BootX_1.2.2.sit. When I wanted to start it, a program
called stuffit came up and complained that the archive is not in
stuffit format (I downloaded it several times using fetch in binary

So could anybody tell me how to boot Debian on my powermac (or tell me
where this is documented). I think this should also go into the
install instructions.



Rainer Dorsch
Abt. Rechnerarchitektur  e-mail:rainer.dorsch@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Uni Stuttgart            Tel.: 0711-7816-215

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