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Re: Newbie boot question for powerpc 9500

Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am new to Linux on the powerPC architecture, but I have considerable
> experience with Debian on i386. I thought installation should be more
> or less the same as on i386, but I was wrong. It seems to be essentail
> to know the mac to get started. I failed already in the first step:
> booting with the Debian boot disk on a powermac 9500.
> Since the powermac did not boot from the rescue disk (but ejected it!)
> I downloaded BootX_1.2.2.sit. When I wanted to start it, a program
> called stuffit came up and complained that the archive is not in
> stuffit format (I downloaded it several times using fetch in binary
> mode).

Nonetheless, both these things suggest that your boot disk and the BootX
Stuffit archive are corrupt. 

Is there another Mac around you can try your boot disk with?


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