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Re: ALERT: AirPort 1.2 update breaks WaveLAN (wvlan0)

Hi, Ben--

On 6/14/00 at 7:37 PM +0200 you wrote:

 On Wed, Jun 14, 2000, Mike James <mwjames@pobox.com> wrote:

 WaveLAN-in-Linux users, alert:

  > Updating from AirPort 1.1 to AirPort 1.2 breaks WaveLAN
  > networking on the Linux side (apparently). <snip>

 Did you contact the maintainer of the wvlan driver ?

I have now: Andreas Neuhaus <andy@fasta.fh-dortmund.de>

 I'm working on (trying to) get Airport support in Linux (by hacking the
 wvlan driver to support the airport card), I'll tell you if I find the
 reason of the problem since I did update mine to 1.2.

Thanks, Ben.


Mike James <mwjames@pobox.com>
Mac OS & Linux advocate,
Sair Linux & GNU Certified Professional
Memphis, TN USA * Eternity begins now.

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