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Re: date problem on pismo

 1. Install ntpd and ntpdate. Make sure that are ntp is the only
    program of that kind that you have installed. ntpdate needs the
    name of a server into /etc/init.d/ntpdate.
 2. delete /etc/adjtime
 3. set the timezone (tzconfig, tzselect)
 4. run "/etc/init.d/ntpdate start". If succeeds, this should
    set the clock to the correct values.
 5. Replace /etc/init/d/ntpdate with a dummy version of it, as
    described in my PowerBook page, and run ntpdate.disabled
    *by hand*, when you are connected and need doint it.

 At this point if Linux modifies your clock in some way, you have
 some other program that is affecting the clock. Remove it, then
 reset the clock as from above. If you still have problems, chances
 are that your Pismo has a broken master clock, i.e. it is an issue
 that you can solve via AppleCare...


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