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Re: date problem on pismo

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Sergio Brandano wrote:

>  1. Install ntpd and ntpdate. Make sure that are ntp is the only
>     program of that kind that you have installed. ntpdate needs the
>     name of a server into /etc/init.d/ntpdate.
>  2. delete /etc/adjtime
>  3. set the timezone (tzconfig, tzselect)
>  4. run "/etc/init.d/ntpdate start". If succeeds, this should
>     set the clock to the correct values.
>  5. Replace /etc/init/d/ntpdate with a dummy version of it, as
>     described in my PowerBook page, and run ntpdate.disabled
>     *by hand*, when you are connected and need doint it.

	Thanks for this quick anwser, but I owuld like to deal whithout
ntp. I'm not always plugged on the network when I work with my pismo.Scm99
but I'll put up this stuff, as I use my mac at work, with a local network,
and a ntp server....

	thanks again

>  At this point if Linux modifies your clock in some way, you have
>  some other program that is affecting the clock. Remove it, then
>  reset the clock as from above. If you still have problems, chances
>  are that your Pismo has a broken master clock, i.e. it is an issue
>  that you can solve via AppleCare...

let see....
I hoppe it's just a soft error, or mistake i've done.

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