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date problem on pismo


I'm in trouble with my date settings on powerbook G3 firewire
(pismo) running debian potato, and MacOs 9.04 

currently my date in losing time everydays.
I loose 1 hour evry 4 days..... (anoying for compilation an other

I don't have any idea from where the problem  commes.
Is this a known problem, and how I can solve-it.

I would like to find a solution, whithout using a ntp server.

	thanks in advance.
	I'm sure I would enjoy 24h15 per days, but not my computer....

1) I have disabled all the time's stuff on MacOs. => no change, the date
still losing time
2) deleting /etc/adjtime before setting the date, gives me a litle delay,
before date loose time

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