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is anyone working on powerpc install docs?


I was wondering if anyone is working on improving the install docs for
powerpc?  i have written some starts to the steps required for
newworld installs, but this only covers yaboot.  from messages on the
list some help on BootX may also be needed for the few newworld
machines where yaboot does not work properly (powerbooks). 

also oldworld documentation could use some help, but i have no
oldworld machine to hack on so its harder to create accurate docs.  

so is there anyone would who would like to work with me to improve the
install docs for potato on powerpc, help in ensuring the docs i have
written are complete and understandable would be very helpful.  

i am also don't really know SGML at the moment so if anyone wants to
assist there it would be nice (im sure i can figure it out in any

i know writing docs is really boring, and its very hard to stay
motivated to do it (i know im sure am) but a wee bit of teamwork could
really make it not quite so bad ;-)  

so anyone want to help? please? pretty please ;-) 

BTW what i have written so far is at

thanks in advance.

Ethan Benson

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