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Re: PowerBook (FW) - hints and tips

On Wed, Jun 7, 2000, Olaf Grewe <ogrewe@wiwi.hu-berlin.de> wrote:

>I just installed Debian quite successfully on my PowerBook (FW/12G/256M,
>kernel 2.2.15pre14-ben1). Even if it runs fine, I feel that there might be
>room for improvment. So if you have any hints and tips, I'd be glad get
>mail from you. Maybe there's a mailing list archive you can point me to.
>Specifically I'm looking for

>- getting sound, AirPort and IrDA to work

Heh, one after each other ;) All those are on my to-do list, but if you
want to help...

>- a debian-package for Xpmac.rage128.revX

Better: A debian package for XF4 with Howarth patches ;) (works fine on
the pismo now)

>- using an external monitor together w/ my LCD

This require some serious aty128fb hacking. I'm considering first adding
some stuff to simply mirror the internal video to the VGA output
(triggered by an ioctl to avoid enabling the second CRTC when not
necessary - save battery life). A better implementation would then be to
make aty128fb a real multi-head driver.

>- what's special about benh's kernel

Nothing for now. Just use Paul's linux-pmac-stable. My precompiled
kernels used to contain cutting-edge support for new machines, but all
this has been merged in Paul tree now. I'll post new precompiled kernels
when I have new stuffs for you to test.

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