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Re: PowerBook (FW) - hints and tips

Hi Ben,

thanks for answering that fast. From what I've seen yet, I really
appreciate your work.

>>- getting sound, AirPort and IrDA to work
>Heh, one after each other ;) All those are on my to-do list, but if you
>want to help...

You know, having a PB makes one greedy ;) As for the help: I'd be happy to
do so but since I still hesitate to compile new kernels, kernel-hacking is
way off.

btw: I had some trouble to figure out how to change the X server since the
initial configuration made by debian did not work with symbolic links from
X to /usr/X11.. Is this intentional?

>>- using an external monitor together w/ my LCD
>Just use Paul's linux-pmac-stable. My precompiled
>kernels used to contain cutting-edge support for new machines, but all
>this has been merged in Paul tree now. I'll post new precompiled kernels
>when I have new stuffs for you to test.

I'm not that enlighted: tarballs can be alienated too/what exactly is a

As for compiling a new kernel: Is there a .config available that matches
with the current precompiled kernels? I'd rather like to play with
something working than being lost with my own scare knowledge.

Thank you too Michel,

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