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Installing on StarMax 3000/200


I finally got round to trying to install potato onto a StarMax I've got. I
downloaded the latest boot, root & driver images for the floppies and used
Winimage to create the boot disk and rawrite (tried 1.3 & 2) to make the
root & driver disks.

Booting from floppy proceeds well, floppy icon changes to Mac & Tux and
proceeds to display on the video its Linux 2.1.15pre20 and booting...
it spits out the boot floppy and I've tried using the root & rescue image,
after pressing the return key it seems to step thru the second disk till
it's been thru the disk then it just sits there.

I also set boot-file to root=/dev/sda0

I have a terminal on the console port, which works OK, I'm using OF 2.0.2

Any clues ?


BTW: I have no problem using potato on PowerStacks with prep boot, 1st
attempt at potato on StarMax.

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