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Re: Pismo status

On Fri, May 19, 2000 at 12:30:07PM +0000, Sergio Brandano wrote:
> >>  Sorry, I do not see your point.
> >> 
> >>  My point is that if the CPU is piping hot, and you shutdown the
> >>  computer, no cooling is provided. This is wrong, as the fan has
> >>  nothing to do with the OS and it *must* spin until the temperature
> >>  reaches a safe level.
> >Well, the fan is there to remove the exess heat generated by a running CPU, if
> >you shut off the CPU, there will be no more exess heat generated, and the
> >existing heat will most assuredly be dissipated to less active cooling
> >mechanism. Since you cannot damage the CPU, or other pieces of the hardware,
> >this should cause no problem. And i think the G3 processor is not so hot
> >running, that it will be so much above the safe temperature state.
>  Ok Sven. You are convinced about your idea, but I am still skeptical.
>  In order to persuade me, I need a proof. Please perform this simple
>  experiment, then report the result. The experiment is as follows.
>  Have a nice and long trip with your car, then come back home, and
>  switch the engine off ensuring that the cooling fan is not spinning.
>  Let us know if your car starts again the next day.

well, i think the motor of your car is a lot heat producing and retaining than
the G3 cpu of your laptop, isn't it ?

>  If you prefer, you can perform the similar experiment with your brand new
>  PowerBook 500Mhz. Just run an intensive floating point application

If only i had one, ...

>  for a long time, then shutdown. Keep doing it every day, for a week
>  or so. Let us know it your jewel works fine at the end of it.

Ok, no problem it is your hardware, you do as you think is best, but still,
there were talks about powerbook case cooling without fan, so this could be
not so big a problem, unless you are using your laptop at noon in the sahara.

That said, i don't believe apple (as well as all the other laptop builders)
would release a laptop that would fry itself like that, ... they would be
facing lots of angry customer if it was so.


Another experiment you could try :

you use your laptop intensively as you said above, then before switching it
off, you put a thermometer on the cpu, or near it, and switch it off, you will
see how fast the temperature will drop ...

Anyway, lets stop this thread now, ...



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