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Re: Storm Linux 2000

	From all accounts that I've found, I've been informed that Storm
Linux 2000 is based off an outdated version of Debian (possibly hamm)... I'm
not sure if they even bothered to upgrade the packages themselves or not...
I've gone and downloaded their ISO from their site but haven't yet burned
it to a CD as I really don't have a machine I can kill in order to test it

	Jeremy T. Bouse
	UnderGrid Network Services, LLC

Björn Johansson was said to been seen saying:
> Hi!
> What do you think about Storm Linux 2000? I've been reading a little about
> it, and according to them, it's more easy to install than Debian although
> it's been built on Debian. Is Storm Linux 2000 a threat to Debian or is it
> a good thing that Debian is the source for new Linux distributions?
> http://www.stormlinux.com

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