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Re: yaboot on sawtooth G4

On Tue, Feb 29, 2000 at 08:52:28AM -0600, pohl wrote:
> > if you get a boot: prompt you can enter the command:
> >
> > hd:<linuxroot>,/boot/vmlinux-2.2.14 
> Thank you, I hadn't realized that I was returning to a
> yaboot prompt after the -2 error code.  I wasn't watching
> closely enough, and thought it was an OF prompt.  I'll
> give this a whirl.
> Is there syntax for pointing to an installation image too?

no, there is no way to load a ramdisk image via the yaboot command
line.  it has to be done with a .conf file.

> > >      boot hd:9,\\:tbxi
> >
> > ah ha, this won't work unless A) the file acutally has file 
> > type tbxi AND B) the root directory is blessed, AND C) 
> > the file is a CHRP script. 
> This must be the case, then, because it worked for me.  I
> don't think I was very clear in this paragarph.  You see,
> I'm trying to yaboot a kernel that's on an HFS partition
> (never did the linux installation, only the partitioning)
> and used the above to test to see if slice 9 was the right
> slice to find yaboot_0.5 on.

remember that for some reason i cannot fathom the partition table is
considered a partition too..  /dev/hda1 is always the partition table
for Apple partitioned disks.

> I would love it if you could send me a binary that I could try.
> I did find a friend last night with a ppc machine that I
> used to try to build my own, but I'm getting the same failure
> to find yaboot_0.5 -- on an HFS partition, recall.

i'll send that in a seperate mail.

> I used Lynx to download the binary from Ben's page, so
> I'm confident that it wasn't the browser mangling the file
> in any way.  

hmm strange.. 


Ethan Benson

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