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IMPORTANT: [boot-floppies] Path name changes

[Crossposted to arch-specific mailing lists FYI. Please followup to

I have checked in, and karlheg is working on additional, changes that will
change the release directory structure. This is in response to #58655, and
problems with kernel version related image naming problems.

There are two changes. The first is to change all disks-{1.20,1.44,2.88}
paths to images-{1.20,1.44,2.88}. This is for mirroring purposes. See above
bug report.

The second is to use kernel versions in the path, instead of tagging them to
the end of image names. Thus, we will have paths like this:


instead of


we've discussed this a bit on irc, i realize these are fairly drastic
changes, but we think they are necessary for potato boot disks to work right.

I've filed a release-critical bug against debian-cd as it will be affect by
these changes. If you know of other packages that may be affected, please
change/file RC bugs against them.

I've crossposted this to all port-related mailing lists because I want to
make sure these changes are ok with all non-i386 architectures (what we've
tested these on so far). In particular, this needs to deal with subarchs as

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