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Re: New PPC X server alpha (brown paper bag update)

On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 07:28:03PM +0100, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Robert Ramiega wrote:
> > > If you have downloaded the buggy version and think you are unlucky, you
> > > are not: You only need the -update tarball.
> >  I've downloaded the "buggy" version and am using it right now and works
> > quite ok on CV64/3D.
> The bug was only in the glint driver. Beware though that your fbdev driver
> doesn't check if your monitor is able to display modes!

 ummm i made my own definition of Monitor. And since CV64/3D in ZII mode is
not supported in the kernel i'm stuck with display mode i boot (at least i
think so). Once i tried to help Ken Tyler in getting CV64/3D to work in ZII
but i can't do it now (it requires a lot of rebooting which  i cannot afford

> > It has its quirks thou: i'm using sawmill 0.24 and latest Gnome
> > (Debian/woody)
> You seem to have a good taste :)

 Sawmill is all Your fault =o)))) i was using WM and Enlightenment before

> Please try without the ShadowFB option. ShadowFB uses a framebuffer in main
> memory, and it copies changed regions to the real framebuffer. This is

 After sending the mail (well it was supposed to say only that it works ok
with FrameBuffer) i looked again at XF86Config and noticed this and few other
options. I've changed some of them and on Monday i'll see how it works =o))

> with the very low Zorro bandwidth (you are on Zorro II, right? IIRC it's only
> ~7 MB/s?) it may be worse.
 yes ZII =o(( 

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