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Re: New PPC X server alpha (brown paper bag update)

Robert Ramiega wrote:

> > If you have downloaded the buggy version and think you are unlucky, you
> > are not: You only need the -update tarball.
>  I've downloaded the "buggy" version and am using it right now and works
> quite ok on CV64/3D.

The bug was only in the glint driver. Beware though that your fbdev driver
doesn't check if your monitor is able to display modes!

> It has its quirks thou: i'm using sawmill 0.24 and latest Gnome
> (Debian/woody)

You seem to have a good taste :)

> and when i choose to log out from X it takes ages to do so (i don;t know how
> to describe it but before Gnome displays "do you really want to log out"
> requester it shades the desktop with rectangles that get smaller and smaller
> <<oh! well just try it and You;ll see what i mean =o) >>

I know what you mean :)

> to draw this effect takes some minute(s) while with XFree from Debian (3.3.6
> ?) it is a matter of  seconds)

Please try without the ShadowFB option. ShadowFB uses a framebuffer in main
memory, and it copies changed regions to the real framebuffer. This is
apparently very good for today's Wintel machines where framebuffer reads are
very expensive and writes very cheap, but in some cases (like this one) - and
with the very low Zorro bandwidth (you are on Zorro II, right? IIRC it's only
~7 MB/s?) it may be worse.

>  While i type a message in GnomeICU, the letters appear way slower than i
> type (and i didn't change GnomeICU in the meantime)

Might be the same problem.

> ps.
>  Next week i'll finally will get my BVision and i just can't wait to see X
> in something more than 1024x768 8bpp =o))))

Yep, and with pretty good HW acceleration :)


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