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Re: Need modules to finish installation

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Josh Kuperman wrote:

> I managed to install the base for the potato distribution by following
> the instructions on  [ ... snip ... ]
> The last step makes the installation and running from BootX a little
> weird.  This means I don't have any modules and can't mount my zip
> drive that I need to use apt-get since the only machine I have access
> to with a broadband connection and removeable media is Win98. So I
> couldn't follow a previous suggestion because I didn't have modules
> and as fas as I can tell, I'm not quite sure how to get them.  Is is a
> simple matter of extracting them from the distribution and installing
> in /lib/modules?

Since you're using BootX, you must have MacOS installed. This may be
useful. If you have a plain HFS partition (not HFS+) on your hard-drive,
you should be able to use that to transfer files from MacOS to Linux.
If the kernel you used has HFS filesystem support, you can simply mount
your HFS volume with "mount -t hfs <device> <mountpoint>".

You might also want to download a pre-compiled kernel from elsewhere, for


These should have the SCSI support you need to mount your Zip drive
directly from Linux.

Matt Brubeck

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