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PowerPC in little endian mode

	Most of the trouble I have on my PowerPC platform came from the fact
	Linux work in big-endian mode, this break some drivers like last USB
	and other PCI boards that work fine on i386 linux. Designing a
driver working on
	different little-endian processors is quite easy the only
differences between these
	systems is the PCI bus mapping that is different, but upgrading a
driver is quite easy.

	Some applications are broken too, and from a user space point of
view, the only difference
	between i386 and PowerPC linux is endianess.

	PowerPC 603, 740, 750 don't have a true little endian support, but
some bridge like MPC106
	seems to be able to translate munged data to true little-endian mode
between CPU and PCI bridge, this
	is enough to have a working  full little-endian system.

	And so be able to get all the software from linux i386 working world
without headache.

	Patrick LERDA

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