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Re: PowerPC bootdisks for potato release.

> I am beginning to think that the better option is a boot CD and a
> second ISO format CD which is not bootable, once your booted you
> remove the boot CD and use the binary CDs which are in ISO format.  I
> sounds like a plan to me, comments?

if you'd like, you can use the image i've been working on as a starting
point. it's gpld and all the contents are gpld (you'd probably change the
text in the "Install Linux" so it doesn't talk about turbolinux and
remove the manual/ directory :).

the image is bzip2'd. it's 13M.

unzip the image (it's 650M unzipped). 

don't mount the image under macos. it will either crash or just
"unbless" the system folder so it won't be bootable.

loop-mount it under linux. hfsfs will automatically find the right
partition, fortunately. hfsutils may also work.

copy files to it (in particular, copy a current vmlinux over the three
copies on the disk and copy your ramdisk over both the ramdisk.image.gz
files on the disk).

unmount and cdrecord the image directly to a cd. voila, bootable on every
mac i've tried and includes all the macfiles you'd need.

here it is: http://www1.turbolinux.com/~brad/software/image.bz2

brad@turbolinux.com | http://www.turbolinux.com/~brad/

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