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Re: PowerPC bootdisks for potato release.

i used toast to create a bootable image, but didn't let it optimize so
there's a lot of free space in the hfs partition.

now i can loop-mount it under linux (hfs finds the right partition in the
image to mount) to fix up the content and i don't have to use toast again
(this part does need to be verified)

because this (mostly unpopulated) 640M image is 14M bzip2'ed, it won't be
difficult to put it on the cd for future use.

the only disadvantage is that the recursion is making my brain hurt.

> > didn't have time to do yet. The current mecanism is really enough to make
> > bootable distribution CDs, and since all CD burning software always put
> > those boot stuffs on bootable CDs, I beleive there's no legal problems here.
> perhaps not legal issues, but I am not certain that Debian policy
> would allow for non-free code to be used to create a bootable
> CD... comments? 

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