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Re: pdisk and OS9

telkis@americanisp.com wrote:

> I have an iBook (Family #M2453) running OS9 with MAC OS ROM 3.1.1.
> The hard drive reports as a Toshiba MK3211MAT and the driver version is
> reported as 3.2.4 in OS9. The pdisk version appears to be 0.7.

Mac pdisk is broken in MacOS9.  I haven't heard of it failing to report on the
existance of a drive, but if you write a partition table with it, it will not
work with linux.  It could, though, perhaps, account for your problem.

I'm not sure how you would go about getting a good partition table.  I have had
problems w/ fdisk reading partition tables created by apple drive setup (and
even pdisk).  It forces me to destroy the existing partition table and create a
new one...  I might try creating linux partitions or blank hfs partitions w/
drive setup and just mounting them in the installer (and obviously formating

Your first ide device should be /dev/hda btw.

> <snip:error message>

> Is there a newer version of pdisk that can help me, and if not are
> there any other utilities that I can use to make a Apple_Bootstrap
> partition, or at least see the partition information of the hard drive.

In order to use yaboot, you need a small hfs partition (apple drive setup will
make one nicely) with the yaboot executable and kernel on it.

> I would also like to know what sound chipset and ethernet chipset (read
> what drivers are needed for Linux) are in the iBook and what the
> development status is for them.

AFAIK the ethernet and sound chipset are supported by BenH's new kernels
(http://ppclinux.apple.com/~benh).  I think I was told that the iBooks still use
the sound cable interface off of the cd, so you can still play cds (unlike the
sawtooth g4s)...

--Nelson Abramson

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