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Re: mpg123 endianness

> From time to time (every few months) I play MP3 files. As you can probably
> guess, it no longer works (again). It looks like every few months, someone
> changes the code, because sometimes the mpg123 deb works fine, and sometimes it
> doesn't.
> Even --8bit gives the same noise, so it must be mpg123 that treats the low and
> high byte incorrectly.

are you sure that the problem isn't in the kernel? I tried playing sound on my riscpc (CS4231), and finally found out that the sound driver seems to consume 32bit instead of 16bit per step of data -- doubling up the data made the sound play at the right speed, and sound vaguely useable. I think it was on 2.2.12, and my mail from back then must be in the archives of this list. no solution, sorry.



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