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booting from openfirmware


I was wondering if there is any information out there about booting the
potato floppies using open-firmware on a powermac?

I have a UMAX S900 (clone 9500 motherboard) and I would love to install
debian linux on it. I am able to access the OF prompt through the serial
port from my intel linux box, but I am not sure how to boot the "rescue" 
disk.  I found the following in the "bootargs file" and it looks like it
got close: 

0 > setenv boot-device fd:0  ok                                                 
0 > setenv boot-file /linux load_ramdisk=1 root=/dev/ram video=keep  ok         
0 > boot unrecognized Client Program formatstate not valid                      

There is not any info yet in the docs about how to do it. I was planning
to do an NFS install of the base and then get the rest from the ftp sites,
after booting from a floppy. Are there any other install methods that
might work better with my system?



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