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Questions about install procedure

Hello all-

    I'm having difficulty with the terse instructions for installing the
ppc port of debian. That I found at
Is there a more detailed set of instructions for the PPC install
somewhere else?!?
My specific problem with the above is when attempting to download the
file 'linux' rather than downloading it I start to open a very large
page of text which is bin hex(?) or some other thing. I suspect that
this is a browser problem (I'm using Netscape 4.7 128) but can't seem to
change the problem. The other files download fine and wait on my HFS
partition for the final one 'linux'...
Any help would be most appreciated In particular I would like to find a
distribution for the PPC on CD, and also a *much* more detailed set of
instructions. Thanks
Hahn Rossman

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