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Re: Sound woes

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, David Given wrote:

> I'm running potato Debian on a boring beige 8200/120, using the DMA sound 
> driver compiled into kernel version 2.2.13. Now, it's mostly working very well 
> --- the general sound quality is pretty good --- but I am having some problems.
> You see, it claims to be OSS compatible. It's not particularly. It works okay 
> if I'm just streaming sound to it but if I try to do anything complex --- like 
> running esd or xmms --- it's got a nasty tendency to fall over or lock up the 
> controlling process.
> Has anyone else met anything like this?

 I am having the same problem for some time now, i checked with strace and 
always the process is stuck in a write to /dev/dsp. Sending a signal to
the process will restart the write (as expected) and it manages to write a
few bytes before blocking again. 
If i remember correctly the problem started around 2.2.9/11 the awacs driver
didn't had any changes at that time so it must be something else. There are
other people having the same problem too..


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