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Re: Sound Recording on a Beige G3?

Kevin Puetz wrote:

> Dan, the old message in the linuxPPC archive is yours so I'm including you in
> the Cc. Did your work ever get merged?

I updated the 2.3.xx tree a long time ago.  Like the 8xx changes I was
trying to update into 2.2.xx at the time, I was unable to do so when I
had the time because the tree was locked for some merging with Linus.
I never got back to doing the 2.2.xx update.

You can take the 2.3.xx version of the driver, patch the wait queue
changes, and it will work fine.

Yes, someday......Actually, I am waiting for 2.4.xx so I don't have
to visit 2.2.xx :-).

	-- Dan

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