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Re: clock troubles under Debian/PowerPC

On 27/1/2000 Renaud Dreyer wrote:

As for your 8 hours drift, it might be because you set up Debian to think
the hardware clock was UTC, not local time. What does /etc/default/rcS
say? If you're going to double-boot with Mac OS, you need to tell
Debian the hardware clock is set to local time. Unless that is, one
knows of a way to make Mac OS think of the hardware clock as UTC...

yeah, set its timezone to London ;-)

seriously though i was having all kinds of wacky trouble with the clock under linux until i set the hardware clock to GMT and configured linux accordingly..

the only thing I am using macos for at the moment is mail which will change as soon as i finish figuring out fetchmail+ promail ;-) ymmv if you use macos more ..


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