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Re: clock troubles under Debian/PowerPC


I had that problem, too.  (*Exactly* that problem.)  It turned out
that my housemate had written a script (in /etc/rc.boot) to set
the clock properly back when we first installed the system (when
hwclock was completely broken on the PowerPC), and that script was
no longer working properly.  I disabled the script and things got
better.  (I have some vague memory of having to create new links
to /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh in some of the /etc/rc*.d directories,
but I may be thinking of something else.)

I did notice an eight hour clock skew the last time I spent any
significant time in MacOS before coming back to Linux
(``coincidentally'', I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, eight hours
behind GMT).  I can't recall now if I made a permanent fix to that
problem or if I decided to wait until the next time I do some work
in MacOS and come back to Linux to find a major clock skew.  ;-)


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