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Re: clock troubles under Debian/PowerPC

On 27/1/2000 C.M. Connelly wrote:

I did notice an eight hour clock skew the last time I spent any
significant time in MacOS before coming back to Linux
(``coincidentally'', I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, eight hours
behind GMT).  I can't recall now if I made a permanent fix to that
problem or if I decided to wait until the next time I do some work
in MacOS and come back to Linux to find a major clock skew.  ;-)

if you don't use macos very much just set its timezone to London,England (GMT) and that way its automatic times sync will still update it to correct (GMT) time, but Linux can have a accurate clock with the benefits of automatic DST adjustment.

if you use macos alot that can be annoying since your clock under macos will reflect GMT time instead of your local time..


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