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Re: architecture not supported (sigh)

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Matt Porter's letter:
> I'm on it again.  I'll try to help out on fixing up the kernel packages
> too.  Once I get a working build for my PReP boxes and lone Starmax
> I'll make the images available for others to test.  Sure would be nice
> to get a good cross-section of the Apple products tested (especially for
> those architecture not detected problems and the like).

i can test on imac, g4 ad g3 laptop. i'll let you know, just
tell me when the new bootfloppies are ready.


Federico Di Gregorio
MIXAD LIVE System Programmer                           fog@mixadlive.com
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        fog@debian.org
                             Best friends are often failed lovers. -- Me

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