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Re: Yosemite G3 and Debian/PPC

Adrianne Rutledge <atsuma@bellsouth.net> writes:

> Anyone have any experience with this field?  I'm desperately seeking an
> alternative to A) LinuxPPC... redhat, basically, B) TurboLinux... never
> tried it, not really in a hurry to, or C) Compiling Slackware to run on
> PowerPC, I'm not that insane, yet.  Anyway... the bootdisk tells me that my
> PowerPC architecture is not supported.  I get that far by using the ramdisk
> and a custom kernel I compiled for my PPC750 400(Mot part) with a cross
> compiler on my K6-3 400.

i have a G4, so basically i had the same problem. what i did is use
the linuxppc boot disk, get the computer on the network, switch to the
console (i think alt f2) untar the base files (i can't remember where
i got them from), edit /etc/fstab, remove /sbin/check_configure (or
something like that), edit /etc/hosts (did i forget anything?).
reboot, and you have a debian installation. from there just use
dselect + apt to upgrade/install all the packages you want. let me
know if you need more help.


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