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Kernel rev12 online

It's at http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html as usual.

The amd problem no longer happens on my box.

New with this release:

	 - Removed code that reads nvram for default mode on Rage 128 (broken)
	 - Fixed various PowerBook media-bay,IDE & snooze issues
	 - Reverted a change which happened to break the serial port of the
	 - Fixed coff boot. vmlinux.coff should now work again. Successfully
netbooted an oldworld wallstreet powerbook from OF with this kernel.
	 - Added a block_dev.c fix from 2.2.15pre2
	 - Included a newer version of aty128fb which supports 16bits mode


	 - dmasound works on Sawtooth when booting with OF, but hangs with BootX
Application. That's	why it's compiled as a module.
	 - There's a problem with aty128fb when specifying the vmode from the
kernel arguments. It's not passed correctly to Xpmac. Set the vmode again
with vmode to make Xpmac work. (You can add the vmode call to your rc.sysinit)

Have fun !


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