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Bug#55326: console-data doesn't have PowerPC keymaps

Package: console-data
Version: 1999.08.29-9

When I try to install the console-data package, I get the following

Please report this bug: no keymaps described for architecture powerpc/ in
/var/lib/dpkg/info/console-data, config line 652, <STDIN> chunk 4.

As a result, console-tools will also not get configured. 

I've also noticed that my console has become extremely slow to refresh
since then (it was noticeably faster while installing Debian, until I had
finished the complete installation, quit dselect and rebooted). But since I
was installing many other packages (in the first run of dselect while
installing Debian), I'm not sure this problem is related to the
console-data bug.

I am running Debian 2.2 (PowerPC) on a PowerMac 7300, kernel version

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