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Re: Kernel rev12 online

> It's at http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html as usual.
> The amd problem no longer happens on my box.
> New with this release:
> 	 - Removed code that reads nvram for default mode on Rage 128 (broken)
> 	 - Fixed various PowerBook media-bay,IDE & snooze issues
> 	 - Reverted a change which happened to break the serial port of the
> wallstreet
> 	 - Fixed coff boot. vmlinux.coff should now work again. Successfully
> netbooted an oldworld wallstreet powerbook from OF with this kernel.
> 	 - Added a block_dev.c fix from 2.2.15pre2
> 	 - Included a newer version of aty128fb which supports 16bits mode
> Notes:
> 	 - dmasound works on Sawtooth when booting with OF, but hangs with BootX
> Application. That's	why it's compiled as a module.
> 	 - There's a problem with aty128fb when specifying the vmode from the
> kernel arguments. It's not passed correctly to Xpmac. Set the vmode again
> with vmode to make Xpmac work. (You can add the vmode call to your rc.sysinit)

 Is this tested for chrp, prep, apus, common, ... ?



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