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Success installing Xpmac!

   I finally managed to make the Rage128 accelerated Xpmac X server work
under Debian PowerPC on my PowerMac 7300 with a Rage Orion card. It
turns out that I'd forgotten to download the 75dpi fonts. The font
path is hardcoded in Xpmac and the Misc, Speedo, Type1, 75dpi and 100dpi
ALL need to be installed for the server to start. I thought I didn't need
the 75dpi because I have a 19" display but...

   So this is a solution for people who need an Xserver working right off
the install on their machine, without having to play with X86Config first.

   My Debian system is almost working perfectly. The only package that is
still broken is console-data (and, because of that, console-tools), that
doesn't have any PowerPC info. I've noticed that, after installing, my
console has become EXTREMELY slow to refresh (it was fine while I was doing
the install). I assume it's related to console-data/console-tools not

   Very happy,


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