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Re: xfree

On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 02:10:55PM -0800, hughc wrote:
> Is the accelerated XFree86 not available for Debian?  On my "Bronze" powerbook, X speed seems to be similar for the two of them...

the accelerated fbdev Xserver is accelerated for mach64, permedia2, imstt, and
some other chips. the ct65550 is not one of them. But then it is only a
question of having the docs, or searching a little in the XSVGA source, and
adding the correct accel hooks. It is rather simple to implement, so people
complaining about it better should write the accels themselves.

Geert, what do you think about adding a 'skeleton' accel stuff, that you can
copy and begin writting a new chipset accel ? Something similar than what i
did for the pm2 driver at the begining, and that just outputs a comment when
some specific accel hook is used. 



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