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Re: xfree

There is a server, called Xpmac, that is actually acelerated for ATIcards, and is not on debian, is damm much faster than the frame buffer

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 12:03:32 Ivo KRAB wrote:
> Sven Luther replied:
> >> Could you PLEASE build and package all the servers, not just the FBdev one?
> >> The fbdev is not accellerated for my Powerbook's Chips 65550, but the SVGA
> >> one is supposed to be.
> >
> >No, i will not, i have other things to do. If you provide me with a patch,
> >then i could do it. Anyway, i don't think the SVGA Xfree server will even
> >compile on ppc, but then i may be wrong.
> Don't know about that, but I don't see why it shouldn't. The way I see it,
> normally everything gets built by default, so is it a lot more work to
> package also the other server binaries?
> >If you have the 65550 specs, you could even add fbdev accel for it, taking as
> >model the mach64 and pm2 stuff (in xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree68/maxh64|pm2 i
> >guess).
> Sorry I'm not enough of a programmer for that yet, and certainly don't have
> the time right now to dive into such an adventure, soon to be outdated by
> Xfree 4.0 anyway. I'll just wait, thank you.
> >> On another tack there, I've downloaded and built the 3.9.17 source. It's
> >> not working for me yet, but when (if) it will, how do I go about packaging
> >> and uploading it? Is there a HOWTO?
> >
> >Xfree 3.9.17 is not actually working for powerpc. you could give 3.9.15 a try
> > [...] what problem did you experiment with 3.9.17 ?
> >please forward your problem to the xfree mailing list, so it get fixed. (the
> >address is devel@XFree86.Org) Make sure to provide lots of info about your
> >problem.
> I finally got the whole thing to compile, but then at startup the chips
> drivermodule loads a vga module and tries to load an "int10" module, which
> has apparently something to do with pc bioses, totally inappropriate for
> mac I guess, over which it barfs. I'll post a detailed report to the list.
> I guess that means there is no moderation? I did not see a bugreport
> possibility for the snapshots through the normal webforms.
>   Ivo
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