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Re: Debian Linux/PPC on G4.

On Wed, Jan 5, 2000, FASSINO Jean-Philippe
<jeanphilippe.fassino@cnet.francetelecom.fr> wrote:

>Yes, does FBDev run fast enough than Xpmac ?????
>Because which my configuration i have probleme with speed and
>the FBDev does not  work with two screen.

On the G4, You should use the "special" Xpmac Rage128 with USB support.
It can be found somewhere on www.linuxppc.org (at least there's a link to
it here). It's a gzipped file, it's neither a .deb nor a .rpm, and
installing it is just a matter of replacing the X server binary.

>> >    Yes you need macOS to boot, but 250Mo could be enough.
>> >    RQ : Linux does not have DVD player, you must use MacOS for that !

It's useful to keep a small MacOS installation, especially for emergency
purpose (if for any reason the installation is corrupt or not booting,
you can boot MacOS, download another kernel, version of yaboot or
anything else, edit yaboot.conf, etc...).

If you don't plan to use MacOS, then I suggest a small (around 300Mb)
partition for MacOS. Make sure you format it in MacOS Standard (HFS) and
not MacOS Extended (HFS+) so Linux can mount it.

>> Not on all machines, you don't.  I believe the G4's can boot without it
>> (yaboot?) but I'm not quite sure.
>LinuxPPC say G4 can boot with yabout !?

Yep. G4 can boot with both BootX 1.2b3 and yaboot (OF) but yaboot is more

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