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Re: powerpc ready for freeze?

On Tue, Dec 28, 1999, Ivo KRAB <ivo.krab@libertysurf.fr> wrote:

>In general, I think debian is quite poor in keymaps for the mac hardware.
>I'm trying to generate a series of keymaps based on the MacOS 8.5
>resources, but I have little time to do a complete table-translation for
>all the international versions, although this could be automated. The
>resource formats are nicely documented.

An automated tool for that would be The Real Good Idea of the year ;)
I've been wanting to do that for monthes and never took the time (I'm
still typing blindly on my French keyboard with an US keymap ;)

>* The problem that the kernel on the boot-disks does not fit with the
>modules was not yet resolved last week. Please make something consistent
>there, so also PCMCIA could work (I have a PCMCIA modem, I only could

Would it be possible to add an option to miBoot (oldworld machines with
floppy) so that it loads the kernel from the floppy, and then requests
another floppy for the ramdisk ?
This would be less useful to add to yaboot since all newworld machines
are floppy-less. (It's possible that the latest ones can boot from a USB
floppy however).

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